This is not traditional “life coaching”.

My style of coaching is about holding space, listening, reflecting, and asking questions. I will not be giving you my advice and there is no homework or prompts to work on. This is about how you are doing right now, a moment of time and space to truly sense into what you’re feeling, and focus on yourself.

Coaching is for figuring out what to do now.

My Style of Coaching

Focusing on the Present

I’m not here to dig into your past, I’m here to focus on you, right now, as you are in front of me.

Holding Space

I hold a comfortable space for you to speak your mind. This is not a space for judgment but to explore what is happening now.


I’m also deeply listening. How does your tone or mood change when you say something? How does what you’re saying in one session, connect or not connect at all to what you’ve said in another. With your permission, I may say what I’m observing, to bring to light what you may already know or not know about yourself.

Previous Clients

“The life coaching I received from Casey was extremely helpful. His style is very calm, supportive and caring. Casey is an amazing listener and has a gift for reflecting back what he hears. I also appreciated his courage to ask challenging questions. I am very grateful for the coaching I received from Casey!”

-Laura (2020)

“Casey was empathetic in all of our coaching sessions and I felt he really cared about the work he was doing. He also showed that he wants to continue to grow and learn to become an even better coach which was really refreshing to witness.”

-Zahin (2020)
-John (2020)

“Casey was very patient in hearing my thought process and barriers as a woman. He helped me get to my answers in a relaxed pace rather than directing me to do so. It felt very safe and organic to discuss issues with him.”

-Shubhi (2021)